As a professional removal company, we can offer a complete service. We deliver your packaging materials well in advance, give you all the time you need to pack and sort, then arrange a convenient time to collect your furniture and packed boxes.

When you're ready, the goods are taken to our secure warehouse facility until you need them again. You can then relax and get on with your life. Just give us a few days notice, and you can have your goods redelivered anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales.

S&ampS Removals Bedford - Packing Service

Full Pack

This service ensures that we pack everything leaving you to simply watch. This involves professional packer(s) coming to your house usually a day before the move.

All the glass, china, ornaments, cutlery, books, linen, lamps, toys and any small items will be packed into packing boxes.

Also, large paintings and mirrors will be protected individually, upholstery is protected by individual covers, and we pack your clothes into portable wardrobes.

Part Pack

This involves our professional packer(s) coming to your house normally a day before the move. All the china, glassware, ornaments and fragile items will be professionally packed, leaving you to pack the cutlery, books, linen and other non-fragile items.